Survival of the fittest — Adapting to 100% remote work in 2021

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How does the future with COVID look like?

Understanding the basics of remote collaboration

Modern remote collaboration tools

Business Suite Apps

These collaboration platforms can help you manage an entire online business infrastructure from A to Z.

Online Conferencing Apps

These applications can help you host video calls, team conferences, and online webinars with anyone worldwide.

Online Messaging Apps

You probably have most of these applications on your phone and desktop already, but it won’t hurt to re-iterate how useful they are in remote workflows.

Task Tracking Platforms

Now, the remote task tracking apps have been around for quite some time, but until now, they were mostly used in IT project management due to the nature of how Agile development and IT outsourcing work.

Scheduling and Calendar Apps

As in any business, work time is your most valuable resource. You need to make sure you’re spending that resource effectively, and the calendar is your time budget tool.

Time tracking apps

The general use of time tracking apps is to make it easy to track your employees' productivity, time spent on tasks, and expenses.

Freelance Recruitment Portals

If you need something done remotely by independent professionals, agencies, or rising talents, there is no better way to expand your remote workforce rapidly than freelance recruitment.

Whiteboard Brainstorming Apps

It’s nice to have those whiteboards in your office to discuss projects with your team, but now that the office is closed, what are you going to do?

Sketching and Wireframing Apps

Since, as far as we know, humans don’t possess telepathic abilities yet, it is next to impossible to tell someone how you see something without envisioning it.

File Sharing Apps

Back in the day, when you had to share a file with someone, your options were pretty much either copying file to a disc or emailing it.

Image Sharing Apps

Besides hosting files, the most popular online service is hosting images, animated images, photos, and memes. Online image hosting and sharing websites are largely favored by users of social media, news, and forum websites like Reddit, Twitter, and Digg because of their ease of use and flexibility.


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